The Significance of Census and ACS Data to Florida

A new report from Florida TaxWatch looks at the significance of census and American Community Survey (ACS) data to the people of Florida.

The report contends that, “Florida’s taxpayers will likely receive less than their fair share of services and supports over the coming years, relative to residents in other states,” thanks to imperfect census and ACS data.

“Even though the next decennial Census is eight years away, the preparation to accomplish an accurate count in 2030 begins today. The state of Florida has a prime opportunity to learn from the challenges presented in the 2020 Census and take proactive steps to raise awareness, engage business and community leaders, and mobilize data-driven strategies. In addition to pursuing decennial Census success, the state must take steps to ensure more immediate ACS success, conveying the importance of intermediate data releases for understanding more nuanced population characteristics and catalyzing positive community outcomes.”

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