Updates on the 2020 Census Quality Indicators – May 27

On May 27, the American Statistical Association posted its biweekly update regarding the status of the 2020 Census Quality Indicators efforts. The update is posted at: https://www.amstat.org/ASA/News/Updates-on-the-2020-Census-Quality-Indicators.aspx, the content for which is pasted below. The next update will be June 10.


May 27, 2021: The researchers are working closely with the Census Bureau to develop a set of 2020 Census quality indicators that provide a more complete picture for states. The data necessary for their work is being made available with increasing frequency and volume. To ensure sufficient time for a value-added understanding of the 2020 Census, the timetable will likely need to be adjusted, which members of the task force will clarify in the next update.

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