Congressman Cole Pleads with Indian Country to “Be a Part of the Count”

The “success and accuracy of every census ultimately rests with participation,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK-04), and despite the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, “your engagement is critical and requires very little effort.”

Writing in a July 27, 2020 op-ed in Indian Country Today, Cole explained how the 2020 Census works and how people can respond. He also discussed how their “input helps paint a more complete picture of the current and changing needs in our communities and across the state.”

Moreover, accurate census data determines the distribution of Congressional seats and “also helps ensure federal funding is properly allocated and disbursed to states to support public services like infrastructure, law enforcement, education, health care and numerous other federal programs,” the Congressman pointed out. “When households don’t participate in the census, it can mean less funding than needed for projects and the loss of congressional seats. However, it can also save hardworking taxpayer dollars as the changing needs of the U.S. population are addressed.”

Warning that failure to respond would result in someone knocking on a household’s door at a time when people are nervous about the pandemic, Rep. Cole pleaded with people not to “wait any longer to be a part of the count.”