Stakeholder Recommendations Regarding 2020 Census Questionnaire Assistance Centers

Believing it “crucial to provide an effective on-the-ground presence for the 2020 Census in local communities in order to raise public awareness, deliver trustworthy information, and provide options for self-respondents to receive questionnaire assistance,” 90 organizations sent a letter to the Census Bureau on March 19, 2019, encouraging the Bureau “to promptly consult with stakeholders in developing a plan for QACs for the 2020 Census” and offering some initial recommendations:

  • The overall scale of the QAC program in 2020 should be at least as large as in 2010.
  • The Census Bureau should open, manage, and staff local QACs.
  • QACs should target geographic and demographic communities at risk of being undercounted.
  • QACs should respond to the key issues affecting response in 2020.
  • QACs should be open through the self-response operation.
  • The Census Bureau should develop national guidelines for the locations of QACs.
  • QAC locations should prioritize public access and use.

Read the full letter for details.