CNSTAT Seeks Input for Workshop on the Demographic and Housing Characteristics Files

The Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT) seeks input on their upcoming second Workshop on 2020 Census Data Products, focused on the Demographic and Housing Characteristics (DHC) Files. It will be June 21-23, 2022, both online and in-person.

CNSTAT asked about “the need for highly detailed census tabulations at fine levels of geographic and demographic detail and the potential impacts of the new disclosure avoidance methodology on the fitness-for-use of the data. Use cases of DHC data that are of interest include but are not limited to”:

  • “Applications that make use of DHC information on housing units as well as on persons”;
  • “Interaction with federal surveys, and the administration of federal, state, local, and tribal programs”;
  • “Transportation, education, and other regional and local planning activities”;
  • “Demographic analyses such as age (single year of age, age categories (e.g., 20-24), race and ethnicity”;
  • “Small populations, including the group quarters/non-household population”; and
  • “Traditionally hard-to-reach communities, such as rural populations and households with young children.”

CNSTAT has requested “brief responses, signals of interest — indications of whether you plan to scrutinize the Demonstration products and whether you have a case study or an application of DHC-type data that you think would be good to showcase at the workshop. Self-nominations are very welcome, as are suggestions of use cases that you think need to be heard.

Anyone interested in providing input should contact Katrina Stone by May 18, 2022 with name and affiliation, a brief description of their DHC data use case, “whether you provided direct feedback to the Census Bureau, and whether you anticipate that your analysis of the Demonstration data will be complete and presentable at or before the June 21–23 workshop.”