President Biden Nominates Dr. Robert Santos to be Next Census Bureau Director

On April 13, President Biden announced his intention to nominate Dr. Robert Santos to serve as the next Census Bureau Director. Currently, Dr. Santos is Vice President & Chief Methodologist at the Urban Institute, Washington, D.C. He is an expert in survey sampling, survey design and more generally in social science/policy research, with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Santos is also the current President of the American Statistical Association. He has served on numerous advisory committees, including the Census Advisory Committee for Professional Organizations (2001-2006), and the CDC National Center for Health Statistics’ Board of Scientific Counselors (2017-2020). The Census Bureau Director’s position requires confirmation by the U.S. Senate. If confirmed, Dr. Santos would be the first person of color to permanently head the agency.

The White House announcement is posted at: President Biden Announces His Intent to Nominate Robert Santos for Director of the U.S. Census Bureau | The White House.