First Update on 2020 Census Quality Indicators

The American Statistical Association has shared the first update to their 2020 Census Quality Indicators report, the result of a task force to continue evaluation of the results of the decennial census after a tumultuous and controversial 2020 Census.

The task force provided a progress report on the status of their earlier recommendations, particularly “the adoption and use of the quality indicators, next steps, and the scope of the work.” The Census Bureau responded to the original report by offering three members of the association special access — Paul Biemer, Robert Fay, and Joseph Salvo — and committed to the application of “quality indicators to confidential, internal 2020 Census data.” For now, “the actual substantive results of researchers’ analyses are necessarily subject to the Census Bureau’s disclosure avoidance system review.”

Extensive analyses comparing 2010 to 2020 and hunting for anomalies aim to “provide information about the quality of the 2020 Census—from apportionment to redistricting—in as timely a manner as possible.”