4 Steps to Make 2020 Census Results “Trustworthy and Actually Trusted”

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell recently laid out four steps for Congress and the Commerce Secretary nominee, Gina Raimondo, to take “right away so the 2020 Census results are both trustworthy and actually trusted”:

  1. Grant “the Census Bureau more time to get its calculations right” by delaying the legal deadlines for reporting 2020 Census data.
  2. Dedicate more appropriations to the American Community Survey (ACS) so it can “sample more people, giving states and cities better information about constituents.”
  3. “Expand the appeals process for states and localities to challenge results of the decennial census, if they seem awry.”
  4. Give the “public greater transparency about how much political interference was attempted in recent years, what guardrails could prevent similar problems in the future and what issues remain with the 2020 data.”