Senator Asks for Supplemental Funds to Extend Census Bureau COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

Several Senate Democrats are urging Senate leaders to give the Census Bureau an extra $6 million – “$4 million for Demographic Surveys and $2 million for Economic Surveys” – to allow the continuation and expansion of the Bureau’s Small Business Pulse Survey and Household Pulse Survey (Pulse Surveys).

“Through these surveys, the Census Bureau collects data on the impacts of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, including key health, social, and economic information.”

Read Schatz’s letter.

One thought on “Senator Asks for Supplemental Funds to Extend Census Bureau COVID-19 Pulse Surveys

  1. I was hired and trained to be a Field Supervisor in Oakland California. After 5 days of utter chaos, the Enumerators were sworn in. Many supervisors, such as myself, are being excluded because the devices, such as iPads, are unavailable. I was told on 08/05/2020 that I was to sit at home and wait until a device could be sent to me. My area of Census was to be in the mostly minority East Oakland neighborhood.
    My fellow Supervisor trainees from mostly affluent conservative white suburbs seemed to have no problem acquiring the needed equipment and training, but those of us assigned to Black and Hispanic neighborhoods are either sidelined or given double workloads. We cannot work overtime; that is a firing offence; even management is compelled to leave critical meetings suddenly due to this rule.
    The experience of working for the 2020 Census has been heartbreaking for me. I just wanted to help.

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