Texas Preparing for a Complete Count

Richard Perez, president and CEO of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, wrote recently that he is “among many in the business community who are worried the 2020 Census could be highly inaccurate,” especially because “Texas is among several states with a large number of ‘hard-to-count’ populations” – approximately a quarter of the state’s population.

Perez explained that “census results drive growth” for the business community. “They enable business owners to determine where to locate operations based on where their customers are, the likelihood they will be able to hire enough qualified workers and whether a community has the infrastructure to facilitate the delivery of goods or services.”

The San Antonio Chamber has partnered to form a Complete Count Committee. “If we succeed, this time next year you will see census messaging in everything from utility bill statements to social media feeds to church bulletins, and public service and paid advertising. On behalf of businesses and employers and everyone who benefits from a stronger community, I encourage every sector in our community to join us in this outreach to ensure our voices are heard and our residents are counted.”

– “Commentary: Counting on help for accurate census.” By Richard Perez. San Antonio Express News. October 25, 2019.