Census Cybersecurity Complexity

… the fact that Census data will be largely collected online for the first time in 2020 represents a huge and slow-moving target. And unlike next year’s presidential election, which has already been targeted by Iranian-linked groups, we’ll have to live with the results for the next decade.

“The Census is our nation’s largest peacetime operation. You don’t fool around with such a complex operation,” said Mary Jo Hoeksema, co-director for The Census Project, an advocacy group. “Cybersecurity is a big issue and we’re all on pins and needles on how this is going to roll out.”

… Agency officials like Stephen Buckner have been hustling to prepare for any attempted interference despite it all. The Department of Homeland Security is helping defend the portal where Americans can share data and computer systems where the government will store it. The Census Bureau has launched a new email hotline and website for hoaxes. And it’s broadcasting a singular message to every nonprofit group that will listen: If you see something, say something.

“With growing mistrust of government, our partners play an invaluable role to be that trusted voice in those local communities,” said Buckner, assistant communications director at the Census Bureau…

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