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April 2010

April 30, 2010: U.S. News & World Report: Census Reports Less Political Backlash Than Expected

April 29, 2010: The Washington Post: Census takers to return to homes where forms weren't sent back

April 29, 2010: Associated Press: Census mail results coud be trouble for 5 states

April 28, 2010: GOP lawmaker disgusted with RNC 'census' mailings

April 28, 2010: USA TODAY: Participation rate has Census officials 'dancing'

April 28, 2010: The Washington Post: House passes new 'census mailer' bill

April 27, 2010: CBS News: Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz Calls RNC 'Census' Mailers an Outrage

April 26, 2010: The Chicago Tribune: Census hindered by empty houses, fears

April 26, 2010: The Huffington Post: RNC still sending out census-mailers that drew ire of lawmakers

April 25, 2010: The Times Picayune: BBB: Longer Census form is for real

April 23, 2010: The Washington Post: Census nears 2000 mail-in response rate

April 23, 2010: The Miami Herald: Lobbying group sends seniors questionnaire that mimics Census form

April 22, 2010: USA TODAY: Census shifting gears for home visits

April 21, 2010: Detroit Free Press: On the Census form, the right choice is 'other'

April 21, 2010: The New York Times: City Improves Return Rate for Census

April 20, 2010: The Star-Ledger: Irvington files suit against Census bureau

April 19, 2010: Associated Press: Black or biracial? Census forces a choice for some

April 19, 2010: The Washington Post: Lockheed plays key role in census

April 18, 2010: San Francisco Chronicle: I am what I am, but how many boxes is that?

April 18, 2010: Los Angeles Times: Census Bureau hopes its mailboxes are fuller this week

April 16, 2010: Associated Press: Mailing census form by Friday saves taxpayer money

April 16, 2010: The Buffalo News: Census takers set to knock on doors

April 15, 2010: The Washington Post: Maryland changes how prisoners are counted in census

April 15, 2010: Census Mail-In Deadline Follows Right Behind Tax Day

April 15, 2010: Detroit Free Press: Census race query breeds confusion

April 15, 2010: KALW News: The clock is ticking on the 2010 Census

April 14, 2010: The New York Times: A Fairer Way to Count

April 14, 2010: The Washington Post: Applicants with criminal records challenge census job-screening practices

April 14, 2010: Associated Press: Census encourages wary Muslims to complete surveys

April 13, 2010: Los Angeles Times: Republicans answer census critics

April 11, 2010: Associated Press: Lacking state funding, Census response rates lag

April 8, 2010: Associated Press: High risks that threaten to derail 2010 census

April 7, 2010: The Washington Post: Census Bureau sends extra forms to areas with low response rates from 2000

April 7, 2010: The New York Times: Mayor Frets as New Yorkers Ignore Census

April 7, 2010: Associated Press: Census ads seek to boost minority participation

April 7, 2010: The New York Times: Suspense Builds Over Census for New Orleans

April 7, 2010: Republicans Have It Wrong, Census Forms Need to Be Filled Out Early and Often!

April 2, 2010: The Washington Post: Hispanics new to U.S. more likely to participate in census

April 2, 2010: CNN: Arab-American leaders push census participation

April 1, 2010: USA TODAY: Census 2010: Are you counted?

April 1, 2010: The Washington Post: President Obama fills out his census form

April 1, 2010: Houston Chronicle: If you need census form, bureau ready to provide it

April 1, 2010: ABC News: College Students Pose Challenge for Census

April 1, 2010: CNN: Poll: Most Americans have positive view of census

April 1, 2010: Christian Science Monitor: 2010 census form: What if you don't mail it back?

April 1, 2010: ABC World News: 2010 Census Offends Some Americans With Handling of Race

April 1, 2010: Philadelphia Inquirer: Census counts on trusted messengers to tally homeless

April 1, 2010: San Jose Mercury News: Check out your town's response to the census on the Internet